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Seagram Building [1948-54]- New York
Vintage taxis, Long Island City, April 12 - 2
Seagram Building
Park and ride
Vehicles coming off Queensboro Bridge
Vintage taxis, Long Island City, April 12 - 3
Aerial view of Queensboro Bridge
Roosevelt Island Aerial Tramway and Queensboro Bridge
New York's finest, Mies van der Rohe's Seagram building 1958 #usa #america #nyc #newyork #seagrambuilding #miesvanderrohe
Little Mice at Serendipity III
Empire State of Mind
Ceramic dogs
Serendipity 3
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About 10128 Zip Code

Zip 10128 is comfortably nestled in the south easterly zone of Manhattan Island; and it forms a part of the Uptown Neighborhood. This Zip also has the privilege of housing the NYC Mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg.

With a total population of around 59,856; this Zip is a densely populated locality. It contains parts of the Upper East Side and the Yorkville Neighborhood.

On the Map: 41 degrees latitude and -74 degrees longitude in the Northeast region.

Breaking it Down: This Zip is enclosed within the roadway boundaries of East 96th and 97th Street in the North, River Side Drive in the East, East 86th and 87th Street in the South and 5th Avenue in the West.

Zipping Alongside: 10028, 10029, 10162, 10021, 10044 and 10026.

About 10128:
Zip 10128 does not have too many schools. There are, however, a few names to reckon with –

Park-ing Spaces: Zip 10128 is home to two beautiful expanses – Schurz Park and Monterey Public Garden.
The Carl Schurz Park is, in reality, a public park that is located in this area. The park has been named after Carl Schurz, a German-born ‘Secretary of the Interior’ from the Yorkville Community. The park is best described as picturesque; and it gets partially hidden by the banks of the East River; making it one of this Zip’s best kept treasures. The promenade makes for great viewing ground for some of the city’s important structures and monuments; like the Triborough Bridge, Randall’s and Wards Islands, and the famous Gracie Mansion (home to the Mayor).

Monterey Public Garden is also located in 10128; and this happens to be known as an extremely safe playground for the kids from the neighborhood. The Garden has a few benches, which turn into extremely tranquil places for the residents to come and spend a relaxed afternoon.

Housing the Mayor: Gracie Mansion is the official residence of the Mayor of New York. This mansion that was built in 1799 was built by Archibald Gracie; and currently falls under the purview of the Carl Schurz Park boundaries. The two story wooden mansion is said to exclusively be meant for the officials and the family of the mayor, who also reside with him here. During the time of Mayor Bloomberg’s term, major restoration works began on the mansion. Although the funds for this restoration were said to have come from an anonymous donor; a lot of people believed that Bloomberg was paying for it himself, under the guise of a donor.

Historically Replete: A trip to this Zip could turn out to be quite the treat for every history buff. 10128 is home to some of the most beautiful and well stocked museums that the city has to offer. Here are a few names to reckon with –

Fine Dining:
Dine on some of the scrumptious treats that 10128 has to offer. Drop in at any of these restaurants to give your taste buds a treat –

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